Monday, October 20, 2008

Offical Team Smithereen Press Release

Jetix Europe teams with W!LDBRAIN on first short-form programme for its new-look websites

Amsterdam, The Netherlands and London, UK – Jetix Europe N.V. (AMEX: JETIX; Reuters: JETIX.AS; Bloomberg: JETIX.NA), today announced that it is teaming up with W!LDBRAIN, the award-winning entertainment company, on a new short-form series that will premiere on its websites across Europe in early 2009. The move follows Jetix’ recently announced plans to overhaul its websites with new and improved navigation and functionality, including interactive VOD players.

W!LDBRAIN’s Team Smithereen will be the first new short-form series that Jetix will debut in Europe as an exclusive premiere on its websites. Kids across Europe will be able to access this new short-form content whenever they want online with new episodes being regularly updated on the Jetix sites in Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Hungary and Poland.

The slap-stick Team Smithereen is produced by W!LDBRAIN, the acclaimed company that develops and produces television, motion pictures, commercial content and licensed merchandise. The series is created by The Dan Clark Company, whose creative group specialises in puppetry and effects driven content for television. The 26x2 shorts follows a hapless team of puppet stuntmen who, more often than not, get into trouble on some of their death-defying feats. Team Smithereen shorts will debut exclusively on the new-look Jetix websites beginning early 2009.

Marc Buhaj, Senior Vice President Programming, Jetix Europe, says: “We want to offer kids the chance to enjoy original Jetix content wherever they are and developing a fuller digital offering is key to this. The short-form focus will be on comedy and creating characters that will have strong word-of-mouth and viral appeal. With this in mind Team Smithereen was the perfect series for us to launch our new online shorts strategy. It features the world's first vinyl puppet stunt team. These are four of the wildest, most wide-eyed, thrill-seeking, adrenaline junkies you'll ever see. It’s Jackass with vinyl puppets and we’re certain that Jetix kids across Europe – and probably some adults too - are going to love the crazy, unstoppable crew who are Team Smithereen.”

Bob Higgins, Head of Creative, W!LDBRAIN, says: “Dan Clark is one of the most distinctive, creative talents that I have ever worked with. The Team Smithereen series is a perfect addition to W!LDBRAIN’s slate of diverse and original projects. The ‘slap-stunt’ concept and style pushes the boundaries of animation and brings to life a world of vinyl-latex characters doing off-the-wall stunts that will have you on the edge of your seat. With Jetix offering a compelling online destination for the Team Smithereen series and our all-star creative team bringing their original sensibility to the process, the brand has the potential to become a multi-million dollar franchise that will transcend its online roots.”

Dan Clark of The Dan Clark Company, says: “W!LDBRAIN is hands down the most exciting company around. They do it all, animation, live action, the web, and broadcast. Along with my partners, producer Don Asher and character designer Dave Pressler, I’m stoked to be making Team Smithereen with them. Team Smithereen is a first of it’s kind, it combines cutting edge puppet work with new CGI techniques to deliver a crazy stunt-packed comedy featuring fresh mayhem and a collection of weirdly wonderful characters. Working with Jetix Europe on this series of shorts is a joy for our creative group, they are the perfect company to unleash Team Smithereen on a world hungry for off-the-hook physical comedy and spectacle!”

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