Saturday, October 25, 2008

Smithereen Bio: Dan Clark


Team Smithereen creator Dan Clark sets up a shot at the Team Smithereen house, nesteled in the Hollywood hills.

Dan Clark is a writer/producer/director and series creator, he's also the creative spark behind the company that sports his name: The Dan Clark Company. Dan Clark and his producing partner Don Asher and artist Dave Pressler formed the company as an idea incubator where writing, design and new weird stuff could come together to form a more complete project development process.

As a storyteller Dan Clark excels in a variety of genres. He just wrapped writing and story editing the super cool preschool series Yo Gabba Gabba for The Magic Store, W!ldbrain and Nick JR. The Dan Clark Company is currently developing the animated adventure sci-fi series Smash Show with W!ldbrain for Disney, and the live action teen monster show, Crypto Tapes with the Wolper organization for Cartoon Network.

Dan Clark and the Dan Clark Company have created an eclectic mix of creative projects including: the sci-fi fantasy series Brats of the Lost Nebula (with The Jim Henson Company) for Warner Bros., the Emmy Award winning preschool adventure The Save-Ums!, the soon to be released Einstein Pals for the Walt Disney Company, the live action Ninja Turtles for FOX KIDS, the adult gay puppet comedy Playing With Dolls, and the blood-drenched indie romp, The Item.

Dan Clark wrote and directed the first digital feature to premiere in Dramatic Competition at the Sundance Film Festival - the film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize, and he was nominated for a Sombody To Watch Independent Spirit Award for his work on The Item. Dan Clark also received the George Foster Peabody Broadcasting Award for a kids PSA campaign for Fox Kids.

Now Dan Clark and the Dan Clark Company are using innovative foam latex puppets, Hi-Definition green screen compositing, and cutting edge computer animation to bring Team Smithereen to life. Team Smithereen is set to debut early in 2009.

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