Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smithereen Takes to the Streets

The new stunt puppet show from the Dan Clark Company/Wildbrain/Jetix Europe, Team Smithereen, stars a team of stunt puppets that attempt to execute outrageous and extreme stunts. Despite the shows comic premise and cartoon style, show creator Dan Clark wanted to give Team Smithereen a very visceral real world feel. To accomplish this, the Team Smithereen crew shot many of the puppet stunts on location.


In this location photo, taken in the streets of Los Angeles, Team Smithereen director of photography Ivan Corona sets up a dolly shot.


In this shot, Team Smithereen show creator and director Dan Clark discusses the stunt puppet's action with prop master/production designer Lisa Coto. Sitting in a remote control watermelon capable of traveling at freeway speeds, stunt puppet Whoop is ready for action.


Team Smithereen stunts always take a turn for the worst. In this shot Lisa Coto throws stunt puppet Whoop and his watermelon car from a two story building onto the streets of Los Anglels.

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