Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Swazzle Lends a Hand


Team Smithereen, the new stunt puppet show from The Dan Clark Company/Wildbrain/Jetix Europe posed puppetry challenges unlike any other puppet show. To meet these challenges The Dan Clark Company called upon Sean and Patrick Johnson, the co-owners of Swazzle, a highly successful Los Angeles based puppet company.

Since 2004 Swazzle's team of talented professional puppeteers have presented hundreds of puppet shows at venues all over California. Swazzle works with the best in the puppetry field, so it was fitting that Sean and Patrick Johnson were asked to personally assemble the puppeteers for Team Smithereen. Sean and Patrick pulled together L.A.'s top puppeteers, and as puppet captains they collaborated with director/show creator Dan Clark to meet the unique challenges posed by Team Smithereen.

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