Friday, November 14, 2008

Team Smithereen: Spectacular Kills


The puppet stunt team and the stars of Team Smithereen, the new stunt puppet show from The Dan Clark Company/Wildbrain/Jetix Europe attempt outrageous stunts on a daily basis. Every stunt has a high degree of risk, and they always goes terribly wrong in a visually spectacular fashion.


The puppet "kills" ad a degree of difficulty to Team Smithereen - director/creator Dan Clark, puppeteers/puppet captains Sean and Patrick Johnson, prop masters/production designers Brandon Minton and Lisa Cota, puppet builder Mark Villalobos, and director of photography Ivan Corona, must all work together to pull off puppet kills that are completely unexpected, visually spectacular, and outrageously funny.


Recipe for Spectacular Team Smithereen Puppet Kills:

Begin with new puppet building materials like foam latex, silicone, and wax, combine with methyl cellulose, liquid nitrogen, and shampoo, mix with a blender, paintball guns or blow torch, shoot at super slow speed with a hi-def camera, throw in some green screen compositing, and a dash of sophisticated digital animation, cook and let cool. Now you have Team Smithereen, a visually delicious hot snack.

Please note: The Team Smithereen crew is a group of highly trained professionals, do not attempt these puppet kills at home.

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